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This community is for ER icons :o)

It is maintained by fallapartagain and if you have any questions you can email her & she'll email you right back as soon as she can!



*-If you use any icons posted to this community, please credit their creator: icons take time and effort to make and their creation is entirely voluntary. Ripping icons will result in you being removed from the community.
*-Please post any more than three icons under an LJ cut.
*-Please do not hotlink. Host these images on your own servers.
*-Icons of any ER character may be posted; but if the character is a spoiler to UK fans, it MUST be under a cut with an adequate warning. Please respect that some members, including myself, are from the UK & wish to remain spoiler free. This also includes icons using images from episodes aired within the last two weeks in the USA (unless the icon contains characters who have been with the show prior to the start of the season).
*-Icons of ER actors/actresses may be posted.
*-Icon requests are allowed - but general chat is not. There are plenty of ER chat/other chat communities out there.

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